Storm Shelters

We continually strive to raise public awareness on severe weather safety and emergency preparedness. Thank you for being proactive and taking the initiative to determine a plan.
Over the past several years, the majority of fatalities suffered due to severe storms, have been the result of people leaving their homes to seek shelter elsewhere. We encourage the public to “shelter in place” during severe weather. When people try to leave their current location to seek shelter at another place it causes several concerns:

  • Additional traffic congestion with an increased chance of accidents, or people being caught in their vehicle when the storm and/or tornado hits.
  • Citizens arriving at a “designated” storm shelter location which MAY not be open or unlocked. Most designated storm shelters are schools or places of business, both of which are NOT open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This could leave many people waiting outside or in their vehicles when the severe weather hits that area.

With that being said, when citizens live in a mobile or manufactured home, or RV, they MUST seek shelter elsewhere, as those are the LEAST-SAFE locations during severe weather.  If you live in an apartment, mobile home, or RV complex, contact the manager and ask where the designated on-site storm shelter is located.  If this is not an option, contact friends and family who live close by to see if they have a shelter.  Even if they don’t have a shelter and live in a home, this would be a better option than a mobile/manufactured home, or RV.


Remember the “D.U.C.K.” Rule:

  • Downstairs in the middle of the structure
  • Underneath something
  • Cover yourself
  • Keep away from windows

If these options are not available, try to find a larger, sturdy building very close to your location that would be a good place to seek shelter. If so, find out what hours they are open and locate multiple sites to ensure you are covered for all days and times.
For those living small communities, we recommend you contact your community officials and ask if they have a designated shelter location.

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